Sand Therapy

creating inner and outer worlds

The use of sand as a spiritual or therapeutic tool stretches far back to the Navajo's, Buddhists and Medicine Men. More importantly than that children delight in playing in sand, creating worlds and exploring the sensory experience. Using specialist skills I can support children to explore their inner and outer worlds, allowing them to safely express their feelings through metaphor and facilitate subconscious healing.

Clay Therapy

heal and create

The use of clay as a therapeutic medium can support children or young people to revisit early trauma or relationships safely and creatively. Exploring the sensory properties and creating 3 dimensional symbolic work, clay is often used to support the healing of attachment, anger or anxiety. Expressions and experiences can be constructed or deconstructed through the clay's tactile and malleable benefits.

Both Sand and Clay Therapy are offered on a demand basis. Contact me for more information or an informal chat.

The Amber Marble

Supporting Children's Emotional Wellbeing

Rebecca Coates


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