Baby Bonding

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Gentle play based classes focus on the attachment and bond between you and your baby. Run as small supportive groups in blocks of 6 sessions. By developing a secure attachment with your baby you will help to build on important connections, encourage brain development and healthy happy minds for you and your baby.

Based on the latest research and founded by Debi Maskell-Graham (Big Toes Little Toes 2008). Baby Bonding is a preventative and transformative programme and is now run internationally. Designed to empower parents to make their own educated decisions about their children's wellbeing. You will learn about how the infant brain develops, how you can support emotional wellbeing, ways to settle and soothe your baby, how babies learn and how to help regulate your babies emotions.

Baby Bonding Timetable

Baby Bonding Timetable
 Group Sessions 
 10:30- 11:30 


 commencing 13th May

 Button & Bear, Castle Street, Shrewsbury 
 £26 for 4 sessions 

 10:30- 12:30  
 Monday 8th April 2019  
 Button & Bear, Castle Street, Shrewsbury 

Group payment

Workshop payment

Parent-Child Attachment Play

10 steps to a happier family

Parent-Child Attachment Play is a proven 10 step programme for strengthening parent-child relations. Following a well designed set of principles, 3 main skills and a 10 step method, parents work through this play based approach with the support of a PCAP practitioner.

Designed by Debi Maskell-Graham (Big Toes Little Toes 2008) and based on the latest research in secure attachment and child development. This service can be accessed by families or professional referrals.

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Supporting Children's Emotional Wellbeing

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